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Should I do Baby-Led Weaning or Spoon Feeding?

There is a lot of conflicting advice around every decision you make with you baby and how to start feeding them solid food is no exception. These conversations always seem to revolve around whether you're going to do it old-school (take the advice of your elders... you know, the ones who "raised you and you turned out OK.") or try out the trendy new thing that your peers "swear is a gamechanger."

So, what exactly is...

Baby-Led Weaning

Baby is in control.

Spoon Feeding

Parent is in control.

Why should I care?

What's the current discussion?

The experts recommend:

The World Health Organization currently recommends:

Others are questioning:

What does most research say?

What does new research say?

What's best for me?

You know that no one has parenting figured out. What works for someone else's kid likely won't apply to yours. So, how do you decide the pathway forward?

-Talk to your pediatrician

-how much

-Does your baby have an underlying medical condtion?

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